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Jun Wang

Artist  |  Printmaker  |  Industrial designer
Lives and works in London, Edmonton and Qingdao.

Jun is fascinated by the most subtle and easily-overseen elements that quietly coexist with us every day.

Some say that time is a human invention we use to locate memories and position ourselves. Jun's work looks into the way we measure time and question whether or not there are alternative ways to do so. Her research focuses on the less-known territories, such as nature, the universe and personal memories. She creates work, including prints, video work and installations, that strives to recreate the experience of one of our most natural human instincts - observation, and the unconscious gestures of guessing and believing. By abstracting the boundaries of fact and imagination, her artwork invites the audience to reflect on the self.

Jun has exhibited work at CGP London and the Safehouse, and was included in the Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial in Japan. She is a member and contributor of the Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists. Her artworks can be found in public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum Word & Image Archive, the Royal College of Art Print Archive and the Tama Art University Museum in Japan.